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No.27 2020 /04
Grinding Example

Work Piece: Lubrication pump parts

Model: JHD-3205 Double Spindle (OD&ID) Grinding Machine

OD of Workpiece: Ø320mm (Ø12.5”)

Length of Workpiece: 200mm(Ø 7.8”)

Diameter of Center Hole: Ø6~200mm

High machine stability and precisely engineered structure

Precision guaranteed and multiple grinding solutions

Numerical control for grinding cycle, easy operation

Applications: Automobile / Motor / Transportation parts; Energy industry; Precision machine tool components; Air/Hydraulic components; Precision measuring instruments; Electronic industry; Optical instruments


Box type base construction features superior stability and rigidity.

Adapt hydrostatic guide way system with fast movement, the feeding rate can reach 1000mm / minutes. Low noises and low vibration benefit which is better than box and linear guide ways.

With hollow hydraulic cooling system design on ball screw, to minimize thermal deformation as well to make sure machine positioning accuracy, good stability and longer using life.

Equipped Italian made built-in spindle of which with water cooling system for good stability. The maximum grinding wheel spindle speed is up to 3500RPM and able to carry OD Ø510mm grinding wheel.

The spindle could be CNC control automatic rotate ±30° for thread grinding.

JHT-4010 can equipped with our own develop “Smart Machine Function for reducing the deviation of manual tool setting. “ Smart Machine Function” can detect the properly grind timing. Further, to improve manufacturing process efficiency and obtain the best accuracy after grinding.

CNC controller with Fanuc 0i-TF, can equipped with industrial PC to raise up the calculation speed and improve “Human-Machine Interface(HMI)” interaction

JHT-4010 have a widely used which need highly precision machinery process, application such as: ball screw, general thread, spindle, T thread, worm.

Win the innovate award “Taiwan Excellent Awards 2020”



JAINNHER MACHINE is stick to the position for serving you better

Dear our value business partner, our world has changed in just few months but one thing hasn’t changed. That is JAINNHER is still here, our office and supply chain are running as usual. If you need some advice on how to grind the parts, or need any support about quotation or technical service:

Just contact us right away: [email protected]

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It’s been four months since the coronavirus pandemic began, the whole world still can’t not get rid of this crisis yet. In Taiwan, our center for disease control (CDC) takes many prevention actions such as patient quarantine, integrate resources of the administration / academic / medical and private sectors. Jainnher also participated in this plan, we assistant government’s “face mask machine production line” project in March. In addition to keep our residents have enough face mask stock, also to export for satisfy medical emergency need in other countries.

As for JAINNHER’s internal, all our staff is trying to do some steps for staying safe and healthy:

1. Put on the face mask and keep distance when in a public place.

2. Urge our staff to wash hands frequently,
especially before eating.

3. Monitor the body temperature daily.

4. To sanitize the working / living area regularly.

5. Cancel or postpone the unnecessary travel to the foreign countries.

Sincerely suggest you to do the same. Not only to protect yourself, also the people you care. If you need to be at home, try to discover something you’re interesting with. Do not lose faith and remain upbeat on the current situation. Together, we can walk through this critical time and hope the coronavirus outbreak will be end by summer.