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No.31 2020 / 12
Grinding Example
▲ Automatic loading / unloading device
▲ JHC-18NC1

Workpiece: Pedal Axle

Model: JHC-18-NC1 Centerless grinding machine equipped with automatic loading / unloading device

Capacity: workpiece OD Ø1~Ø100mm

Grinding wheel diameter: Ø405mm

Grinding wheel speed: 1500RPM

Grinding wheel motor: 15HP

Regulating wheel diameter: Ø255mm

Regulating wheel speed: 13~316RPM / 10 Steps

Roundness: 2μ (0.002mm)

Precision mechanical structure and high machine stability

NC control

Grinding solutions based on different customer demands

Equipped with automatic chain type feeding & gantry loading / unloading device to improve production efficiency

Bicycle / Automobile / Motorcycle parts industry; Hydraulic valve parts industry; Medical industry; Precision hardware industry; Cutting tools industry; Recreation industry

Machine Show Room

▲ JHG-1510NC1
▲ JHG-1510NC1

The Best Comrade of Automatic Production Line: JHG-1510NC 2 Axes

Center hole is the design benchmark for many parts. It's also the base for working standard and the parts qualification. JHG-1510 is suitable for the workpiece diameter up to 125mm, and the length up to 1000mm. The unique 3D design of synchronized grinding motion can ensure the stability and the precise location of the center hole. It can also avoid some defects such as: poor alignment or angle too large/small…etc.

JHG-1510 is available for conventional, NC & NC with 2 axes (X & Z axis) versions. NC2 axes (X & Z axis) version is suitable for automatic production line. The robot arm transfers the workpiece and the machine clamps it automatically. After grinding, the robot arm removes the workpiece to the material box. Users can obtain the best concentricity and roundness through the automatic procedure. Further, it will improve the efficiency of allocation of human resource and fit the trend of smart manufacturing.

Bulletin Board

Internal Training-CNC Programming

What does the grinding machine industry daily routine looks like? In fact, it is very different from the mass production. Except the technical issues of machine, it's also important to have some understanding of the assembly parts & components. It's not easy to get into the swing of things in a short period. Therefore, you can see the face to face teaching lessons between senior staff and the newbie every day and everywhere.

Our world has become digital and so does machine tool industry. The Industry 4.0 helps to push the trend of smart manufacturing, and makes the CNC evolution even more important. The November CNC course content is fully designed by our senior engineer. He talks about everything in details, from basic function to the intermediate programming. This kind of group development can let service engineers apply new skills in their working field, and it also helps them to deal with various problems.

Exhibition News

Taipei International Machine Tool Show
(TIMTOS 2021)

Taipei Nangang Exhibtion Center, Hall 1, 4F

Date : March 15 to 20, 2021

Stand: L0326