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Hydrostatic Bearings

The wheel spindle is supported by 20kg/cm2 high pressure oil at axial and radial direction.

Without the need to replace parts

This design eliminates contact-friction between metals without the need to replace parts. Outstanding features of the spindle include high rigidity, high accuracy, long service life, minimum vibration and low heat growth, etc.

Hydrodynamic Bearing

  • The spindle is supported by oil membrane, as almost without metal contact between bearing and spindle, the spindle is less wearing and has a long and lasting life.
  • The oil membrane between bearing and spindle increases contact area, and therefore, workpieces can reach the highest precision and roundness.
  • Oil menbrane absorbs vibration during grinding process,the workpieces will be kept the best surface roughness.
  • The wheel spindle is supported is supported by 3kg/cm² low pressure oil at radial direction.
Work Head

Spindle transmission system

  • Belt tension force is resisted by fix bushing.
  • The spindle pulley is equipped with buffering pad.

Hydrostatic bearing/ Hydrodynamic bearing

  • The instant impact force caused by motor starting is absorbed by buffering pad.
  • The impact force does not directly affect the wheel spindle.
Hydraulic Tailstock

One-Piece Fabricated Base Deformation-Free

  • The machine base is one-piece manufactured from Meehanite cast iron, tempered for maximum stability of material.
  • Box type base construction feaures superior stability and rigidity.
  • The base permits fast coolant exhaust,preventing thermal deformation from influencing machine accuracy.
One-piece Fabricated Base


  • The wheelhead moves on double “V”slideways.
  • Top slideway surfaces are coated with Turcite-B and precision scraped.
  • Equipped with high resolution 0.0005mm linear scale for close-loop feedback.

Touch probe gauge

  • Measure the position and calculate the distance
  • Measure the position

Auto in-process gauge

  • Measuring workpiece OD, grinding and measuring simultaneously, improve production yield.
  • Inspecting workpiece roundness after grinding, and feed back to controller.
  • Inspecting workpiece accuracy after grinding.

Automatic grinding wheel balancing system

  • Grinding wheel automatic balancing while rotating.
  • During machine operation if grinding wheel unbalancing, the device automatic adjust wheel balance, it has no need to dismount grinding wheel.

Crash control

  • When over grinding workpiece, grinding wheel immediately retract, to avoid machine damage.
  • While grinding, the audio frequency function can shorten rapid traverse time, improve grinding efficiency.

WORK HEAD Maximum Rigidity! High precision!

  • The catridge is supported by 8 P4-class angular contact ball bearings and roller bearings at front and rear end. This assures outstanding machining stability and makes the machine ideal for heavy duty machining.
  • FANUC servo motor dive.
  • The spindle provides centering and synchronized motion functions. Fast interchange between center and chuck.
  • The work head pemits 90°counter-clockwise swiveling and 30 ° clockwise,making the machine suitable for various grinding modes.
Hydraulic Pressure Sensor

Hydraulic tailstock

  • The sleeve movement is hydraulically operated for convenient workpiece loading and unloading.
  • With foot pedal to control workpiece clamping and unclamping.
  • Workpiece clamping and unclamping force can be adjusted by turning a knob.
  • The sleeve is precision machined from hardened alloy, featuring maximum wear resistance and rigidity.
Hydrostatic Bearings System

Variety grinding cycles

Total design for user needs ! Most practical ! eay operation !

  • Plunge without oscillation
  • Plunge with oscillation
  • Angle plunge grinding
  • Multi-plunge grinding
  • Traverse grinding
  • Multi-plunge taper grinding
  • Traverse taper grinding
  • Shoulder plunge without oscillation
  • Shoulder traverse grinding
  • Shoulder plunge with oscillation
Hydrostatic Bearings System

Form type input! Easy to edit processing mode

  • Using special form type design, easy and fast to edit program for different grinding cycles
  • Using regular program but NC editing, user can edit any processing mode
  • Easy to expand special grinding cycle, for any processing needs
  • Offering foreign warranty service assure the accuracy and stability
  • Basic, grinding, dressing auxiliary four types of grinding cycle

Hydraulic pressure sensor


  • The pressure switch provides pressure sensing function, the spindle can’t start until lubrication oil pressure reaches the setting value. In case hydraulic system is abnormal, spindle running stops.
High Pressure Oil System

Hydraulic pressure sensor


  • The pressure switch provides pressure sensing function, the spindle can’t start until lubrication oil pressure reaches the setting value. In case hydraulic system is abnormal, spindle running stops.
High Pressure Oil System

Hydrostatic Bearingsl system

  • Hydrodynamic: The hydrostatic bearings system includes high pressure filter can, accumulator, pressure switch, check valve and throttle valve. Pressure can be adjusted in axial and radial direction.
  • Hydrostatic: In case power failure occurs, the accumulator may keep pressure for 5 minutes.

Automatic lubrication system

  • All moving and running parts are lubricated by automatic lubrication system.
  • The lubrication system is separately mounted from the machine to avoid vibration and facilitate heat dissipation.
  • With oil constant temperature cooler.
Capacity Max. work swing Ø200mm Ø350mm Ø400mm Ø350mm Ø400mm Ø200mm Ø350mm Ø400mm Ø350mm Ø400mm
Max. grinding length 300mm 600 mm 1000 mm 300 mm 520 mm 820 mm
Max. grinding dia. Ø200mm Ø330 Ø380 Ø330 Ø380 Ø200mm Ø330 Ø380 Ø330 Ø380
Max. job weight 80kg 150kg 80kg 150kg
Distance between centers 300mm 600 mm 1000 mm 300 mm 600 mm 1000 mm
Center height 100 175 200 175 200 100 175 200 175 200
Grinding wheel Grinding wheel sizes Ø355orØ405 Ø510x50 ~ 100xØ203.2 Ø405x38 ~ 50xØ127 Ø610x50 ~ 100xØ203.2
Grinding wheel speed 1780rpm 1250 rpm 1560 rpm 1250 rpm
Max. peripheral speed 33 m/sec 33 m/sec 33 m/sec 40 m/sec
Wheel head Feed angle 90° 60°
Swivel angle ±0° ±0°
Rapid traverse speed 6 m/min 6 m/min
Max. travel 220mm 280 mm 220 mm 280 mm
Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm 0.0001 mm
Grinding feed rate 0.001 ~ 6000 mm/min 0.001 ~ 6000 mm/min
Hydrostatic pressure _ Hydrodynamic 3kg / Hydrostatic 20kg _ Hydrodynamic 3kg / Hydrostatic 20kg
Tailstock Retraction of sleeve 30 mm 30 mm
Sleeve diameter D: 48mm D: 70 mm D: 48 mm D: 70 mm
Center taper NO#3 NO#4 (Opt. NO.#5) NO#3 NO#4 (Opt. NO.#5)
Hydraulic cylinder pressure 20 kg 20 kg
Wrok head Spindle speed (variable) 10 ~ 500 rpm/min 10 ~ 500 rpm/min
Center taper NO#3 NO#4 (Opt. NO.#5) NO#3 NO#4 (Opt. NO.#5)
Spindle type Cartridge type (Opt.) Cartridge type (Opt.)
Swivel angle 120 (90CCW ; 30CW) 120 (90CCW ; 30CW)
Work table Swivel angle (C.W.) +10 +9 +7 +10 +9 +7
Swivel angle (C.C.W.) -3 -5 -4 -3 -5 -4
Rapid traverse speed 8 m/min 10 mm/min 8 mm/min 10 mm/min
Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm 0.0001 mm
Max. travel 640 mm 700 mm 1100 mm 640 mm 600 mm 900 mm
Grinding feed rate 0.001 ~ 6000 mm/min 0.001 ~ 6000 mm/min
Motor Grinding wheel spindle 5HP 4P(Opt.7.5HP 4P) 7.5HP 4P (Opt.10HP 4P) 5HP 4P (Opt. 7.5HP 4P) 10HP 4P (Opt.15HP 4P)
Work head 1.0KW 1.5KW 1.0KW 1.5KW
Work table feeding (Z-axis) 1.2KW 1.8 KW 1.2KW 1.8 KW
Wheel table feeding (X-axis) 1.2KW 1.8 KW 1.2KW 1.8 KW
Hydraulic pump 1/4HP 4P 1HP 4P 1/4HP 4P 1HP 4P
Wheel head pump _ Hydrodynamic 1HP 4P / Hydrostatic 2HP 4P _ Hydrodynamic 1HP 4P / Hydrostatic 2HP 4P
Coolant pump 1/8HP 2P 1/2HP 2P 1/8HP 2P 1/2HP 2P
Magnetic coolant separator 1/25HP 2P 1/25HP 2P 1/25HP 2P 1/25HP 2P
Oil cooler _ Hydrostatic wheel head 600W / Hydrodynamic wheel head 400W / Slide way 250W _ Hydrostatic wheel head 600W / Hydrodynamic wheel head 400W / Slide way 250W
Oil tank Hyd. Oil tank (slideways, screw ends & measurement) 30L 60L 30L 60L
Wheel head lubrication _ 50L _ 50L
Coolant tank 80L 160L 80L 160L
Machine N.W. Fully enclosed 3800kg 7460kg 8080kg 3800kg 7460kg 8080kg
Semi enclosed 3600kg 6840kg 7800kg 3600kg 6840kg 7800kg
G.W. Fully enclosed 4100kg 7860kg 8480kg 4100kg 7860kg 8480kg
Semi enclosed 3900kg 7240kg 8200kg 3900kg 7240kg 8200kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) Fully enclosed 3.3x2.1x2.2 5.0x2.1x2.2 5.8x2.1x2.2 3.3x2.1x2.2 5.0x2.1x2.2 5.8x2.1x2.2
Semi enclosed 3.2x2.1x2.2 4.2x2.1x2.2 5.1x2.1x2.2 3.2x2.1x2.2 4.2x2.1x22 5.1x2.1x2.2
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) Fully enclosed 3.5x2.2x2.2 5.2x2.2x2.2 6.0x2.2x2.2 3.5x2.2x2.2 5.2x2.2x2.2 6.0x2.2x2.2
Semi enclosed 3.4x2.2x2.2 4.4x2.2x2.2 5.3x2.2x2.2 3.4x2.2x2.2 4.4x2.2x2.2 5.3x2.2x2.2
* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

  3505A/3506P Fully enclosed 3508A/3510P Fully enclosed 4005A/4006P Semi-enclosed 4008A/4010P Semi-enclosed
A 2880 3680 2880 3680
B 874 987 634 747
C 1221 1173 709 661
D 4975 5790 4223 5088

  2003A Semi-enclosed 2003P Semi-enclosed 2003A Fully enclosed 2003P Fully enclosed
A 1650 1650 1650 1650
B 713 731 760 760
C 830 731 840 840
D 3193 3112 3250 3250
CNC Control

A. Oil cooler (except 2003 series)

X-axis linear scale

B. X-axis linear scale

Hydraulic tailstock with manual movement

C. Work lamp

Grinding wheel and flange

D. Food pedal

Tungsten carbide tipped centers

E. Angle adjustment gauge 

Automatic lubrication system

F. Hydraulic tailstock with manual movement

Grinding wheel and flange

G. Grinding wheel and flange

Tungsten carbide tipped centers

H. Tungsten carbide tipped centers

Automatic lubrication system

I. Automatic lubrication system

High pressure oil system

J. High pressure oil system

Leveling bolts and blocks

K. Leveling bolts and blocks

L. Tailstock dressing device (except 2003 series)

M.  Diamond dresser (worktable)

Magnetic coolant separator

N. Magnetic separator + coolant tank + pump

Leveling bolts and blocks

O. Leveling bolts and blocks

Wheel lifting tool

P. Wheel lifting tool (for electric hoist)

Tool kits and toolbox

Q. Tool kits and toolbox.

2-point steady rest

A. 2-point steady rest

3-point steady rest

B. 3-point steady rest

Paper filter

C. Paper filter

D. 6"/8" 3-jaw scroll chuck

E. Cartridge type work head spindle

F. Center ring and drive plate

Work holder

G. Work holder

Wheel lifting tool

H. Wheel lifting tool(except 2003 series)

Wheel balancing stand

I.Wheel balancing stand

Wheel balancing arbor

J. Wheel balancing arbor

Fully endosed splash guard & Oil mist device

K. Fully enclosed splash guard & Oil mist device

L. Touch probe gauge

Dressing device

M. Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck

Magnetic Separator

A. Marposs/BS : Thickness measuring gauge

Balancing Arbor

B. T18/PR3: Touch probe gauge 

Balancing Base

C.  A. Z-axis linear scale

3-jaw Chuck

D. Auto in-process gauge (Marposs)

E. Auto in-process gauge(BS)

E. Auto in-process gauge(BS)

F. Wheel balancing system(BS)


High Speed Spindle


High Speed Spindle

G. Wheel crash control device(Marposs)

High Speed Spindle


High Speed Spindle