Newsletter No.14

Dec. 22 2017

News Letter

N0. 14 2017/12
Grinding Example

Work Piece: Tie Bar of Plastic Injection Machine

Model: JHC-2408T-NC3

Roundness: 0.002mm

Grinding and regulating wheel feeding

Hydrostatic spindle on grinding wheel

Grinding cycle easy operation

High efficiency with long bar loading unloading device

Precisely engineered structure

High accuracy grinding

Easy operation

High machine stability

JHI-150-CNC + Gantry Robot

CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Range of I.D. Grinding: 6 - 150mm

Maximum Grinding Depth: 150mm

Maximum Holding Length: 200mm

Precisely engineered structure

Grinding cycle easy operation

Precision guaranteed

High machine stability

Fully automatic loading unloading design gantry type

35th Anniversary
To celebrate Jainnher’s 35th anniversary in advance, Jainnher Machine Co., Ltd. is offering special prices for purchasing grinding machines. Please feel free to contact us.