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No.28 2020 /06
Grinding Example

Workpiece: Rubber parts

Model: JHC-12S Centerless Grinding Machine

Standard work rest (diameter): Ø1~25mm

Grinding wheel size (diameter*width*hole): Ø 305*150*Ø120mm

Regulating wheel size (diameter*width*hole): Ø 205*150*Ø90mm

Regulating wheel speed: Variable speed servo motor

Length of workpiece: 12~24mm

Precision mechanical structure

High machine stability

High precision guaranteed

In-feed or thru-feed grinding are both available depends on the requirement workpiece

Equip with our own design loading/unloading device to improve production efficiency

Applications: Automobile & Motorcycle & Transportation parts/ Energy industry / Precision machine tool components / Air & hydraulic components / Precision measuring instruments / Electronic industry / Optical instruments

Machine Show Room

Time to release the beast out the cage---JAINNHER's centerless grinding machine

As you may know, Jainnher has continuous maintained the production running when the COVID-19 virus lockdown the whole world. Now many countries are gradually get rid of the quarantine status and resuming some outdoors activities. It's very encouraging to see that, and we can't wait to help you reopen business!

For semi-automation production, please refer to JHC-12/18/20 manual type. The range of workpiece is Ø1~100mm and only need one machine can do the thru-feed, In-feed and forming grinding. JHC centerless will be a convenient and economy selection if you have different kind of parts in hand.

For the companies who need fully-automatic and stable mass production such as automotive, aerospace, molding, tools, recreation, please refer to JHC-18/20/24 NC&CNC type equipped with loading /unloading device. JHC machine series accommodates workpiece range from
Ø1 to 230mm. The NC/ CNC program controls the different axes to completely the automatic feeding -->parts grinding-->parts collecting. Use JHC centerless to improve production effectively and lower production costs as well.

If you have other grinding request, or not sure which method is suitable for your parts, please contact us, we are ready to answer all the questions and will be very happy to be your reliable solution planner!


Jainnher's website new version is officially on-line

In order to offer the best service experience for customer and quickly obtain the information in need. A new version website just released and you can reach Jainnher 24-7 everyday! Check out our new website now:
Deeply appreciate for your valuable comments in our “Google my business”:

Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Our office will be closed from June 25 to 28 for Taiwan's Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Please leave your message during this period and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your great support.