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No.30 2020 /10
Grinding Example

Workpiece: Valves stem

Model: JHC-18BS-CNC4 Centerless Grinding Machine

Capacity: OD Ø1~ Ø 100mm

Grinding wheel diameter: Ø405mm

Grinding Wheel Speed: 1500RPM

Grinding wheel motor: 15HP

Regulating wheel diameter: Ø405mm

Regulating wheel speed: Servo motor 10-250RPM variable speed

Roundness: 2μ (0.002mm)

Surface roughness: RA 0.4

Suitable for multi-steps forming grinding simultaneously

Automatic wheel dressing

Equipped with automatic chain feeding & gantry loading / unloading device to fulfill various production demand

 Hydraulic valve parts; Medical industry; Precision hardware; Automobile / Motorcycle / Bicycle parts; Cutting tools; Recreation industry

Machine Show Room

Best Choice Of Machining Parts : JHC-20S-CNC8 

JHC-20S-CNC8 axes centerless grinding machine is equipped with auto loading/unloading device, aesthetics splash guard, and high strength one-piece fabricated base. The surface of wheel spindle HRC is 62 after the carburizing and sub-zero treatment. Semi-hydraulic float spindle is protected by an oil membrane which result in minimal contact friction.

Regulating wheel is driven by servo motor at variable speed from 10~250RPM. Grinding and regulating wheel are with automatic wheel dressing and automatic compensation functions and have no need to do the extra editing on the program.

The range of grinding diameter is from Ø1~Ø100mm. Machine is equipped with "Dual System" and it's convenient for technician to control the movement of axes and loading/unloading devices only by one controller. The workpiece will be clamped by pneumatic jaws from feeding device to the grinding position. After grinding, the workpiece will be transported to storage. The whole process is fully automatic, and technicians only need to supplement the parts in the beginning. The production efficiency can be greatly improved.

Bulletin Board

Lunch Party With Taichung Industrial Park Neighbors

In the present time, you can learn about one person's background through net searching and clicking. It seems like people want to spend more time on the different social media such as Facebook/Instagram instead of meet and have a small talk with each other.


Thanks to the TCIPA members, they've organized a lunch party for Taichung Industrial Park in mid-September. This small party let us to have a chance meeting and understanding our neighbors who is nearby our factory. The participants are including petrochemical material, inspection equipment, hand tools & artisan tools company, surface treatment factory, automotive spare parts, plastic injection & mold manufacture, optical lenses, and bread factory.

We may come from different industries but all try hard to give a new image of "Taiwan". It's a pleasure to have everyone here, and sincerely hope we all can build the successful business mode in post-pandemic era.


Chunghwa Telecom "5G plan-Green Energy Project" members visited

In 2018, the 3332 solar panels began to operate in JAINNHER's rooftop. Our daily power generation can reach 999.6kwh. According to the research data from government agency Forestry Bureau, one tree can reduce 12kg of carbon dioxide per year. Our annual capacity is 1,277,500kwh and can reduce 781,839kg of carbon dioxide. What's the concept of that? Just like to have trees to provide oxygen for 60 thousands family. As a member of global village, we shall not forget the sustainable development of green energy. It's also fit the new trend of industrial manufacturing. Hope our example can let more people respond actively to this call.