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Precision Engineered Precise CNC Vertical Grinding Machine

Adapts C-Type Structure, Create Precisely Z-Axis Straightness.

Using HSK 100A spindle taper, to increase axial rigidity and improve grinding efficiency.Adopts hydrostatic rotary table to increase cylindricity accuracy and surface roughness.

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Applicable Industries

  • Ships, aircraft of large transportation
  • Energy
  • Precision machine tool components
  • Hydraulic components

Machine Main Structure

  • They are cast of high grade FC-30 iron, melted by advanced induction furnace, then cast in resin cores.In order to ensure stability and rigidity, they are heat-treated with normalizing procedure prior to machining. This mechanical structure major consider load, speed, accuracy and stability.In order to achieve above conditions, the structure was designed with a more stable triangle rib of principle, it can be increased rigidity against bending and torsional rigidity.
Hydraulic Tailstock
Hydraulic Tailstock

C Type Machine Structure

  • This C-type machine structure design was to solve X axis straightness problem that influenced from gravity also alleviate column deformation by stress, it totally improve X and Z axes straightness, reduce Z axis loaded and guide way straightness deviation.

Slant Guide Way

  • X axis adopt slant guide way designing it can be eliminated gap through gravity and increase machine rigidity, improve coolant draining speed and avoid coolant temperature affect machine accuracy.
Hydraulic Tailstock

Work Table Horizontal Adjustment Structure

  • It’s capable of adjusting workpiece cylindricity deviation. Work table adopts two ramps fit each other and rotation principle, become an adjustable leveling structure, to compenpensate X and Z axes perpendicularity deviation and Z axis guide way straightness deviation, more over to enhance machine structure and workpiece geomatric accuracy.
Hydraulic Tailstock
Hydraulic Tailstock

Hydrostatic Table

  • Germany made hydrostatic rotary table with very good axial and radial run out.

Angular Axis

  • Grinding wheel head spindle can be manually or automatically(opt.) rotated ±30° to grind the taper of workpiece.
Hydraulic Tailstock
Capacity Range of I.D. grinding Ø 50 –Ø 800 mm
Max. O.D grinding Ø 1,000 mm
Z axis max grinding altitude (OD) 600 mm
Z axis max grinding altitude (ID) Ø 50 –Ø 250 : 325 mm
Ø 250 –Ø 800 : 600 mm
Max. swing diameter 1,000 mm
Max. installed parts altitude 600 mm
Max. work table loaded 1,600 kg
Center high (table to spindle) 1,300 mm
Control System Controller Fanuc
Stroke X axis travel (horizontal) 1,500 mm
Z axis (vertical) 1,200 mm
Wheel Head Spindle Grinding wheel rpm 1,500 – 12,000 rpm
Grinding wheel diameter 45 – 305 mm
Max. peripheral 32 m/s
Grinding wheel spindle motor 15Hp(20HP)/11(15)kw
Spindle taper HSK100A
Angular axis Swivel angle (C.C.W) ±30° manual /automatic (optional)
Work head spindle Work head spindle rpm 10 – 240 rpm
Work table Work table 1,000 mm
T-Slot nut M12
Feed X/Z Rapid speed X axis 10 m/min
Z axis 6 m/min
X/Z min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
X/Z min. movement in scale 0.001 mm
X/Z Linear Guide way
ATC Automatic exchange no. 6
Tool magazine type Umbrella type
Spindle taper HSK 100A
Exchange type X/Z servo movement
Max. grinding wheel diameter 305
Motor Spindle head motor 7kw ai F 30/3000
Grinding wheel spindle motor 15kw ai I 15/12000

6kw ai F 40/3000

Z-axis 5kw ai S 50/3000
Length x Width x Heigth 5,450x3,100x5,000mm
Net Weight 24,300 kg
* All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Tools and Tool box

A. Fanuc Controller

Grinding Wheel, Grinding Wheel Flange

B. Hydrostatic Rotary Table(Made In Germany)

Wheel Dressser

C. Coolant Tank/Pump

2-point Center Rest

D.  Splash Guard

E. Linear Guide Way(Made In Japan)

F. Automatic Iubrication System

G. Tool Kits And Toolbox

H. Work Lamp

I. Leveling Bolts And Blocks

J. Tool Magazine(Wheels & Quills Are Not Included)

K. Ladder

L. Oil Mist Device

M. Rotary Type Grinding Wheel Dressing Attachment

N. Linear Scale

Grinding Wheel(Optional)

Quill for 12" wheel
ㆍFor OD use
ㆍWorkpiece length30~250mm

Quill for 26" wheel
ㆍFor ID use
ㆍWorkpiece IDø65~120mm;
length 50~100mm
ㆍSpeed 3000~12000rpm

Quill for 16" wheel
ㆍFor ID use
ㆍWorkpiece IDø35~70mm;
length 50~90mm
ㆍSpeed 8000~12000rpm
Quill for 75x300 wheell
ㆍFor ID use
ㆍWorkpiece IDø85~150mm;
length 100~300mm
ㆍSpeed 4000~8000rpm
Quill for 100x275 wheel
ㆍFor ID use
ㆍWorkpiece IDø110~300mm;
length 100~280mm
ㆍSpeed 2000~6000rpm
Tools and Tool box

A. Magnetic Separator+Paper Filter(MC80+PF80)

Grinding Wheel, Grinding Wheel Flange

B. Extended Spindle

Wheel Dressser

C. Fixture(Depend On Workpiece)

2-point Center Rest

D. Quill & Grinding Wheel