Established in 1982, Jainnher has developed completely grinding machine products including manual / NC / CNC type on centerless and cylindrical machines. We have been committed to providing customers with one-stop service. We are capable to provide variety automation solution depends on customer's production demand, and to provide technical inquiry support before and after machines delivery.

Grinding machine is a machine tool uses the high-speed rotating grinding wheel to remove excess material from the workpiece surface. It is commonly used for precision machining and is suitable for workpieces with high dimensional accuracy. Grinding machines can process both metallic and non-metallic materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, hard metal, glass, ceramics, and other different parts. There are wide applications across various industries.

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  • Centerless Grinder, centerless grinder supplier

    Centerless Grinding Machine

    JHC Centerless Grinding Series is suitable for the parts without center hole. The wide wheels allow material to be removed more efficiently from the workpiece. To equip with automatic loading / unloading device, the mass production of precision grinding process can be accomplished quickly and effectively. JHC is suitable for a wide range of applications including aerospace industry, automotive parts and machine tools industries.

  • Cylindrical Grinder

    Cylindrical Grinding Machine

    JHU cylindrical grinders can be used to grind the outer diameter shoulder end faces of cylindrical, conical or other shaped and workpieces.Different from the centerless, the cylindrical grinder does not need a work rest blade to place the workpiece. The outer diameter grinding is performed between centers on the machine.Generally, cylindrical grinders are used for OD grinding. There are also universal grinders models can equipped with internal attachment to satisfy the demand of internal diameter and internal taper grinding.

  • NC and CNC Internal Grinder, Internal Grinding Machine

    Internal Grinding Machine

    JHI internal grinding machines are designed for grinding the interior of workpieces, also known as internal diameter grinding or bore grinding. During the process, a grinding wheel is positioned inside the workpiece to remove excess material and achieve the desired dimensions and surface precision. They are suitable for precision industries such as aerospace industry, bearings, energy parts and precision components for machine tools.

  • Center Hole Grinder, Center Hole Grinding Machine

    Center Hole Grinding Machine

    Center hole is the design and grinding process benchmark of many parts. It's also the inspection standard to see if the finished product can meets your specifications. JHG center hole machine series can be used as the best assistant for external grinding to ensure the precise geometry of the center hole, to improve processing efficiency and reduce the costs. Machine is suitable for cutting tool, spindle, tool holder, gear shafts and tempered transmission shafts.

  • CNC Double Spindle Grindr

    Double Spindle Grinding Machine

    JHD double spindle machine series can process both internal (ID) and external (OD) surface only need one clamping. It’s also can equip with different type spindles for complex process such as taper, cams and eccentric holes. JHD machine series can provide high processing flexibility and able to reduce the times of production change over.

  • Vertical Grinding Machine, Vertical Grinder, Vertical Grinding Machine Manufacturers

    Vertical Grinding Machine

    Machine can apply on ships, aircrafts and other transportation industries, energy industries, machine tool components and hydraulic components. German made hydrostatic rotary table with high radial and axial run-out accuracy, this table can hold 1600kg of workpiece. JHV machine series can satisfy the strictly requirements on cylindricity and surface roughness of precision large workpieces.

  • Thread Grinder Machine

    Thread Grinding Machine

    JHT thread grinding machine is designed to meet the surface roughness and high precision requirements of critical-application parts such as ball screw, general thread, spindle, T thread and worm shaft. JHT grinder can be equipped with “Smart Machine Function” to achieve tighter tolerance which will help customer to get the successful performance of an end product.