• JHG-1510 Center Hole Grinder
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JHG-1510 Center Hole Grinder

The machine is suitable for cuting tool, spindle, tool holder, gear shafts and tempered transmission shafts and the workpiece requests high accuracy from cylindrical grinding. The quality of cylindrical grinding will depend on the center holes circular geometrical accuracy.

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  • Upper Swing center and Lower Center Device Keep upper swing center ad lower center consistency benchmark.

Workpiece Holding Device

  • Automatic workpiece clamping simplify the setting job.(can be based on processing needs and provide different clamping devices)

Workpiece Driving Device

  • While grinding, the workpiece driven simultaneous.It improves the center hole and cylindrical concentric accuracy, the speed can be changed by frequency converter.
Hydraulic Tailstock  Work Head

Exclusive Design of Grindling Operation

  • With exclusive 3D design of synchronized grinding motion, the machine will be very stable and automatically locates center.
  • 1.Grinfing wheel rotation.
  • 2.Planetary motion of grinding wheel spindle
  • 3.Grinding wheel reciprocating motion will be along conical surface.
  • Based on three-axis simultaneous grinding action, grinding out heterogeneous pattern, with a small oil groove feature, oil film can be formed in a permanent between workpiece and center of cylindrical grinding machine.This is to prevent non-film stuck with the center and can eliminate unnecessary error, in order to facilitate high quality cylindrical grinding.
One-piece Fabricated Base 

Grinding Wheel Spindle Head

  • Grinding wheel spindle head is combination of the spindle head, planetary motion mechanism, wheel spindle, dressing device and spindle motion mechanism.
  • Rotating of grinding wheel spindle driven by 1/2HP x 2P motor, through the appropriate pressure tension of idler, driving wheel spindle in high speed rotating.The speed can be changed by frequency converter.
  • Planetary transmission device adopt 1/5HP x 8P motor, which can be simultaneously doing wheel spindle planetary motion and reciprocating motion along on conical surface.
  • Grinding wheel spindle use sleeve design, easy assembling, with 4 high-speed precision P4 class Angular ball bearings support in front and back and oil mist lubrication, have high speed and precision characteristics.

Exclusive design of grinding operation

  • The atomizer device for grinding wheel spindle connect with 1~8kg/cm² compressed air, therefore, the oil mist produced 1.5~2kg/cm² pressure for lubrication.

Conical type Wheel Dressing Device

  • This device placed on the side of grinding wheel head, can be manually rotate into dressing position and while dressing only wheel spindle rotating.During operation, the device moved longitudinal and the diamond dresser moved simultaneousback and forth oscillation of lateral motion, along the wheel cone linear movement.This ensures the consistency geometric accuracy of wheel shape, completely non-effect on dresser position and wearing.
Sizes of workpiece Range of clamping Ø5 - Ø125 mm
Range of length 50 ~ 1000 mm
Max. weight workpiece 100 kg
Capacity Center hole angle 60°
Dia. of center hole Ø2 - Ø60 mm
Planetary reciprocation 1.5 mm
Motors For spindle 1/2 HP AC
Planetary reciprocation 1/4 HP AC
For workpiece Drive 1/2 HP AC
Spindle of grinding wheel Travel of spindle 150 mm
Max. travel of one revolution of wheel 1 mm
Travel for one revolution of wheel 0.01 mm
Speed of spindle 20000 rpm
Grinding stone dressing device Travel of dressing diamond 40 mm
Vertical travel for one revolution of wheel 1.5 mm
Horizontal travel for one revolution of wheel 1.5 mm
Electric power supply Voltage & spindle 3PH 220V 60Hz
Capacity 1.9 KVA
Weight Net Weight 630 kg

A. Supporter

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Concentric Adjusting Rod

C. Concentric Adjusting Rod

Tool Box & Tools

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Tungsten Short Center

E. Ø30 Tungsten Short Center

Grinding Wheel

F. Grinding Wheel

Dust Collector

A. Dust Collector

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