Newsletter Vol.36

Oct. 15 2021

News Letter

Newsletter Vol.36

Grinding Case

Workpiece: Transmission parts for autos

Model: JHI-150CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Grinding time: 56 sec. / 2 steps

Range of internal grinding: Ø6~50mm

Maximum grinding depth: 150mm

Maximum holding length: 200mm

Roundness ≦ 0.002mm

Can equip with automatic loading / unloading devices to shorten processing time and saving the labor cost

Design according to the workpiece characteristics to fit accuracy demand

Applications:Aerospace and transportation industry / Energy industry / Machine tool precision parts / Gear motor parts / Pumps industry

Machine Overview

| You Can Count On It! JHA-3505CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine |

One-piece manufactured and rigidity box type construction base, with fast coolant exhaust feature which is capable to eliminate vibration and heat efficiency.

The cartridge spindle is supported by P4-class angular contact ball bearings which can keep grinding process stability also suitable for heavy cutting.

The spindle head can rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise and 30 degrees clockwise for various grinding application.

The hydraulic tailstock is convenient for replacing the different kind of workpiece. JHA-3505CNC has variety grinding modes, machine can do the outer diameter and end surface grinding within one clamp. It’s suitable for non-circular grinding, or the workpiece which need multiple processing surfaces.

Check out our video, clearly it will greatly improve production efficiency to equip with loading-unloading device. JHA-3505CNC has excellent performance on the high precision parts such as auto and moto parts, machine tool parts, and power tools shaft.

Bulletin Board
video call

vibration test

| JHI-150CNC Grinding Test Factory Broadcast |

Under the trend of Industry 4.0, "networking" is a key to technology upgrade for machinery industry. “Digital transformation" is a keyword for corporate management.

This trend influences the IoT data structure of equipment and manufacturing requirements, it’s also affect company's daily operation and service process.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine policy has restricted the actions between factories and customers, "remote working" becomes an indispensable part of business operations.

In the beginning of September, we have arranged an "on-line machine testing" for our customer from auto parts industry.

Back to that day in the morning, our team members from sales and manufacture department were setting up all equipment and placed the workpieces on the table in sequence.

The design engineer was busy for setting up sensors on seat of spindle for vibration testing. These data will be an important reference to their following development programs.

Everything was ready, and customer’s phone call was just on time.

The workpiece clamping pressure, grinding wheel material, spindle speed and other processing parameters...our senior engineer displayed and explained all the details about JHI-150CNC.

It’s time to for workpiece grinding acceptance check. The workpiece has been clamping carefully by our senior technician. Then, JHI-150CNC has finished grinding procedure less than 1 minute.

Customer was watching and asking some questions during the whole grinding procedure. Soon, the whole batch has finished grinding. The QC department took over the measurement of roundness, cylindricity, and roughness.

Finally, the complete testing report has been sent to the customer for formal approval.

It's a long term trial of the business relationship between customer and JAINNHER, and we're just passing the first round. After machines delivery, our sales service center will take over the installation, training also the after service.

JHI-150CNC is not only fit customers’ demands in the high precision grinding, it's also take up the duties for their production target in the future.

We're not only selling but also provide a turnkey solution which assist customers to build a solid foundation for their production line.

With good maintenance, the service life of machine could be decades.

We made the first centerless 40 years ago, and it's still running at customer’s factory .

"Quality, Responsibility, Innovation capability" is our commitment to all JAINNHER users.

Just like what we do in the past years, we'll walk beside customers and together facing the challenges of smart manufacturing.

Exhibition News

/ Exhibition /
EMO Milano 2021

/ Date /
October 4-9, 2021

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/ Exhibition /
India Virtual Manufacturing Technology EXPO 2021

/ Date /
October 27-29, 2021

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Holiday Notice

Our office will be closed on following dates due to Taiwan National day: October 9(Sat.) – October 11(Mon.), 2021

Your business is important to us and we’ll respond to you immediately after return to work.

Thank you for your kindly understanding and continuous support!